103-0364_IMG.JPG (596954 bytes) January 20th/21th, 2001

Sailing weekend course including sleeping on board on Pittwater, Broken Bay, Hawkesbury River, Cowan Creek (bays north of Sydney).

I had a second sailing weekend course ("Experienced Crew Member Course") in the same region during the weekend of the weekend of February 24th/25th, 2001 (no pictures made).

103-0365_IMG.JPG (582263 bytes) Jerusalem Bay (close to Cottage Point on Cowan Creek in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
103-0366_IMG.JPG (496848 bytes) Open water on Cowan Creek
103-0370_IMG.JPG (622073 bytes) Castle Bay (where we stayed over night)
103-0368_IMG.JPG (670590 bytes) Sunday morning in Castle Bay (the wind only starts to pick up at about 09:30AM.
103-0369_IMG.JPG (580681 bytes) do.
103-0362_IMG.JPG (571419 bytes) January 12th, 2001
Surfing on Sydney Harbour. Bain has rented a Yacht every Wednesday and Friday throughout January (every year) for its employees to go sailing in the evening. The picture isn't faked I was in charge of steering during the whole trip. Isn't as hard as the pulling and winching the others had to do but requires a lot of concentration.
103-0363_IMG.JPG (645859 bytes) The Bain Crew together with the sailing guide (on the right).