104-0471_IMG.JPG (767642 bytes) April 8th, 2001

Canberra Marathon (this pictures was taken after the Marathon Eve 10K fun run)

Finisher. I only had one problem, at kilometre 32 (the "Wall") I had to realize that my kidneys were hurting because of dehydration and my performance plummeted. After drinking lots I recovered partly after kilometre 36, but the almost sure personal best was lost. However, I wouldn't have run below 3 hours in any case, as my Halfmarathon time was 1:29:10, i.e. I had just 50 seconds reserve for the second half
104-0472_IMG.JPG (839652 bytes) After the Marathon. Before I drove back to Sydney (3 hour drive) I went to see "Monet & Japan" Exhibition. My running friends couldn't understand how I can stand in front of paintings for 90 minutes just one hour after marathon. They think that I didn't run hard enough.