Fukuchiyama Marathon, Japan (close to Kyoto) November 23, 2006
The Ryffel Running team before the Marathon. There were only a handfull other non-Japanese Runners
u Getting the bib from the friendly Japanese
Getting the goodies bag
Markus Ryffel and Stefan Heiniger (CEO of Ascis Switzerland, Montana Sport) checking the content of the goodies bag
As everywhere on the world the facilities are crowded
Changing room area during the Marathon. Typically Japanese: Everything is very orderly
Another typical Japanese habit. The shoes are changed to special restroom slippers before entering the "dirty" restroom. Also during the race everything was very clean. There were portable toilets every 1.5 kilometer. At the drinkstations the cups were not just dropped on the ground but the extra content (if any) was poured and then the empty cup was neatly thrown in one of the many trashboxes
Information board, everything in Japanese, no chance to understand anything
Picture taking between the 3rd and 4th starting block
View towards the start line from the end of the 3rd starting block. As everywhere on the world many runners had plastic covers to keep them warm. Funny enough on the unseasonal cold day many runners (even top 30 runners) missed the right point in time to dispose of the plastic and ran the whole race in it which was even more unfortunate given the strong wind.
The starting blocks are being collapsed. You don't see it here but many runners had the legs taped with for instance vertical tapes on the calfs or the thighs presumably to support the muscles. This seems to be popular in Japan. There is a brand which focuses on Tights with compression elements.
Waiting for the start
Closer to the start line. By the way: There is also splendid fall foliage in Japan
En route (about kilometer 35)
The male winner being interviewed
The female winner being interviewed
Coming home: The last curve, 30 seconds from the finish line