Details on the distances and very importantly the changes of altitude. The distances doesn't say anything about the courses which were often pretty rough. Among those who managed to finish we didn't finish top but were very satisfied with our performance.
Gigathlon Camp in Locarno
Athletes' information on Friday night
Swim start for Barbara who is a great swimmer
I took over from Barbara for Inline Skating with underground surprises (cobble stone) which were in fact easy to manage.
I (background) arrive in the changing zone in Cevio
The changing zone in Cevio where I changed from Inline to Mountainbiking
The final bikeable curves on the way to Passo Narčt. I had never done before a 2,100m climb by Mountainbike (the highest so far had been 1,400m)
The final assault to the Passo
20 steps to the Passo to go
Here we are!
There was hope that we could ride down
This hope - as many hopes - was wrong. We had to drag/carry the bike down for the first 600m of altitude (about 1.5 hours).
 Many people sprained their ankle or worse. Some people had to been flown out by helicopter.
At least some flat stretch (however, the boards across the creek were very shaky to walk on)
I (background) arrive in the changing zone in Airolo to hand over to Barbara for Cycling
Impressions from the cycling leg. It was pouring rain across all three passes. Many people gave up. Barbara made it through which is fantastic, even more so as she had very little experience in long distance, alpine Cycling.
Keeping warm while waiting to take over from Barbara for the running leg
Food/drink station on the running course
The running course before it went steep and off-road. By the time I came through here, it was already pitch-black. We had to cross a ravine and some of the downhills were so steep and slippery I couldn't even stand without sliding. The picture is taken at about kilometer 10. I ran the first 10K in 50 Minutes but then things slowed down significantly due to the course.
Arriving in the finish on Saturday (or rather 1:30AM on Sunday)
The camp in Lucerne (long before everybody had arrived)
Swimming on Sunday for Barbara
Entry to the changing zone in Sursee
The changing zone  where I handed from Inline to Barbara for Cycling
Barbara ready to take over for Cycling
After the Cycling it was my turn again for Mountainbiking. The mountainbiking path on Sunday had fewer rocks but definitely more mud. Sometimes things went out of control. I saw people sliding down trails sideways.
I arrive in Laufen to change to Running
Runners leaving Laufen for the final run to Basel. On the first 5K had huge problems, as I had not drank enough during the Mountainbiking. I also hadn't eaten properly for a while. Only after the race I learned that also the top athletes did only eat liquid food. At the first food/water station on the Run I drank 1.4 litres, ate a full Banana and a energy bar. After that I felt much better.
The finish line in Basel
The Singles' winner arriving in Basel
Barbara and I after 31 hours, 38 minutes and 40 Seconds on the course, some 5.5 hours of sleep in 48 hours, 394K of distance and 8,210m of change of altitude (up only)
The award party