Gigathlon 2012,  June 30th to July 1st
Course Overview (distances, change of altitude)
Course Overivew Saturday, also see Video
Course Overview Sunday, also see Video

Check in of the road bikes (and my mountainbike) in Oensingen on "Olympic Friday"
Setting up camp in Olten
Check in of the other road and mountainbikes in Olten (in total 2,000 bikes)
Getting of the remainder of the gear
Opening ceremony and latest information
Ready for the 5.30am Inline start (52k) on Urban Saturday
Also the poor supporter Urs had to get up to head with the special shuttle train to the chaning zone Solothurn (swim to mountain bike)
En route towards the changing zone Altreu on a beautiful morning
The supporters waiting in the chaning zone Solothurn for the swimmers
My couple partner Agenese to which I had handed over for the 9k swim in the changing zone Altreu channging from swim to mountainbike (54k, 1,550m)
Agnese hydrating in Oensingen on her change from the mountainbike to the roadbike (105k, 1,720m)
En route towards the first day's finish in Olten
Coming home to Olten after my run (I had taken over in Sissach from Agnese) (24k, 750m)
Agnese getting ready for the 7.15am cycling start (93k, 1,600m) on Celebrating Sunday (at 7.15am there was a terrible thunderstorm in Olten)
The thunderstorm had been an even worse hailstorm near Sursee, devastating parts of the inline course where the local population helped out to get back clean just before the be first competitors rolled through
Inlining 38k from Nottwil to Rothrist in constant rain (after having taken over from Agnese after her 3k swim)
Taking off for the 28k run after the linline leg
Climing the "1,000er staircase" on the run (in fact 1,150 steps)
Running into the changing zone Oensingen
Ready for the 52k 1,400m bike ride through constant rain and ankle-deep mudded trails
A short down hill over muddy pastures before a long final uphill
Completely muddied in the finish line
The complete team tired but happy at 11pm on Sunday