Highlander Challenge 2007
The swim start at 7AM. The course involved two loops with one exit from the water.
Waiting in the swim finish zone for Patrik to finish the swim before heading for the inline leg.
Patrik returning from the 3km swim leg (ca. 1:15)
I return from the Inline leg of 30km (300m change of altitude) which involved a section with a 17% climb (ca. 0:55)
Patrik heading for the 120km (1,500m) with two loops passing through the finish zone (ca. 4:15)
The "drivers' camp" which also works as changing zone. A very good idea.
A Mountainbiker heads for the exit after taking over from his road cyclist
Patrik back at the camp having a rest after his excellent effort
Me passing through the finish area heading for the second loop of the MTB leg of 44km (1,000m). As all legs, also the MTB leg was a beautiful course.
Coming back into the changing zone after ca. 2:15. The bike leg went well for me and I had a lot of "pressure on the pedals"
Heading back out after the direct change from MTB to running for the 20km double-eight loop around 3 small lakes. The running went well. Net I could pass 4 competitors of the same category and could keep my pace but could not accelerate (1:45)
Coming from the run into the finish area where Patrik and my brother Urs (as always, he worked hard to support us) joined me for crossing the finish line