Santorini - Paros - Mykonos in October 2020
The sea in the background is actually a flodded Caldera (as seen from the Akrotiri Lighthouse)
Tranquilo Bar at Perissa Beach. With the sultry heat, the Reagge beats and the more Hippie style guests the atmosphere truly felt like in the Caribbean!
The nice village of Pyrgos
Drinks on a rooftop Caf in Pyrgos (high quality, high price, as in most places on the islands)
View of Kira, the capital of Santorini
The famous picture in La Oa. Actually most of the churches here have blue roofs
The sunset facing side of La Oa
La Oa after sunset
On the ferry to Paros (Business Class)
Economy Class. Very nice as well
View from the verry to the brink of the Caldera with Kira
Arrival in Paros. The ferry was a great experience!
The beachfront of Parkia, the capital of Paros
empty beaches everywhere
Mountainbiking with my brother
The harbor of Naoussa
In the old town of Naoussa
In the old town of Parikia
Our ferry to Mykonos
In the old town of Mykonos
more of the old town
the famous wind mills above the harbour
view over to the "Little Venice" area of Mykonos town
a glowing sunset
the main harbour area after sunset
Kite surfers at Ftelia Beach
Drinks at Super Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach
Runnin in beautiful weather
Sunset as seen from the restaurant next to our hotel
Flight home over Mykonos