106-0612_IMG.JPG (439246 bytes) These are pictures from one of the greatest hikes worldwide. It starts on Schynige Platte (a viewpoint high above Interlaken) and goes all along a ridge to Mount Faulhorn and eventually Grindelwald. Along the the hike one always sees several lakes and mountain ranges on the left and the great Mount Jungfrau region to the right.
This picture shows Mount Jungfrau with the Lauterbrunnen Valley, the deepest valley carved out by a glacier.
106-0613_IMG.JPG (478029 bytes) View north with Lake Thun and Mount Niesen (the Toblerone shaped mountain on the left, yes Mount Matterhorn is not the only Toblerone shaped mountain in Switzerland).
106-0614_IMG.JPG (479263 bytes) View east with Lake Brienz and Mount Brienzer Rothorn. The lake's colour is turquoise because it is fed by water melted from glaciers (a.k.a. glacier milk). The water in this lake is turned over every four days.
106-0615_IMG.JPG (626765 bytes) View north-east down to Interlaken with Mount Niederhorn in the background.
106-0620_IMG.JPG (584403 bytes) View south-east along the ridge/hiking trail.
106-0618_IMG.JPG (591553 bytes) View to Mount Jungfrau from the trail.
106-0619_IMG.JPG (402452 bytes) View south to Mount Schreckhorn and the Grindelwald valley.
106-0625_IMG.JPG (621786 bytes) View from the trail to the triple mountain Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau. The daring Eiger north face is on the left. At this time I didn't know yet that I would climb Mount Moench (the one in the middle) two days later.
106-0628_IMG.JPG (556183 bytes) Little lake along the trail
106-0630_IMG.JPG (586120 bytes) Another view to the little mountain lake with Lake Brienz in the background.
106-0632_IMG.JPG (573347 bytes) The trail now gets more rugged.
106-0633_IMG.JPG (551243 bytes) Another stunning view of Mount Finsterahorn.
106-0653_IMG.JPG (488621 bytes) The "thing" on the pole is a webcam which can be viewed at:
106-0657_IMG.JPG (368634 bytes) Sunset on Mount Jungfrau as seen from Interlaken.
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