I've always thought the concept of a personal homepage to be rather narcissistic. However, I had to realize that it is much easier to keep in touch with my friends by uploading pictures to a website rather than congesting their electronic mailboxes.

This website is indeed frequently visited. Many people even return then and when to check out what is new. I will not disappoint you.

What's new:

La Videmanette (July 2021)

Eiger Trail (July 2021)

Monte Generoso (June 2021)

Mt. Fibbia (June 2021)

Pas de Chèvres (March 2021)

Col de l'Evêque (March 2021)

Point de Voussan (March 2021)

Mont des Ritses (March 2021)

Piz Alv (February 2021)

Mt. Föisc (January 2021)

Mt. Chrüz (January 2021)

Mt. Stotizgen Firsten (December 2020)

Mt. Fürstein (December 2020)

Mt. Gazzirola (December 2020)

Windgällen Hut (November 2020)

Mt. Napf (October 2020)

Monte Bigorio (October 2020)

Greek Islands (October 2020)

Trail des Patrouilleurs (September 2020)

Aletsch (September 2020)

Mt. Gantrisch (August 2020)


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