Corporate_Finance_Formulas.doc Corporate Finance Formulas (Cost of Capital, Terminal Values, Investment Caclculation etc.)
Cash_Flow_Definitions.doc Corporate Finance definitions of levered and unlevered Free Cash Flows, Cash Flow to Equity etc. for calculation of DCF and APV
WACC.xls Template to calculate WACC for investment grade and non-investment grade companies
Intel_ProForma.xls Example for Pro Forma (using Intel)
Decision_Sciene_Formulas.doc Formulas from Decision Science (Utilities and News Vendor Problem)
treeplan.xla Excel Add-In (allows for graphical and numerical representation of decision trees)
solvertable.xla Solver Table (allows to produce data tables using solver)
Inventory_Management_Formulas.doc Formulas from Operations Management to calculate optimal inventory levels using periodic and continuous inventory review systems)
US_GAAP_Leasing.xls Excel Template to calculate annuities under US GAAP for financial and capital leases
LVC.xls Excel Examples calculating the Lifetime Value of a Customer under different scenarios (e.g. permanent capture, migration model)
M&A.doc Review from the Managing M&A class (insights into strategic fit etc.)
Functions.xls Several functions (e.g. x = a + by)
ICA.doc Insights into Industry and Competitive Analysis